April 2021

Release Notes- April 2021

Training Release: March 26, 2021

Production Release: April 10, 2021


Purchase Enhancements


Purchase Agreement – Workflow/Validation Criteria

Customers utilizing the Purchase Agreement functionality can assign Purchase Agreement as a criterion for workflow and validation rules. The field will expect a value of Yes or No when creating a workflow or validation. If the Purchase Agreement field is renamed, the renamed value will display in the Workflow/Validation Criteria screen.

Purchase Agreement Entity Settings Receiving Configuration Options

Workflow/Validation Criteria - Purchase Agreement


Storeroom – Item History / Quantity History

The Item History section in Storeroom Item Maintenance has been modified to display additional details. If an item is modified, the Item History section will display the field that was changed, along with the new and previous values. This information will also be available in the Storeroom Item History reporting model.

Changes affecting an item’s on-hand quantity will display in a new section labeled Quantity History. The Quantity History will display the name of the action which modified the quantity (such as an adjustment or replenishment receipt) as well as the location details.

Add New Supplier for Contract Repository Search

Storeroom Item Maintenance - Item History

Storeroom Item Maintenance - Quantity History


Storeroom – Quick Search for items with missing information

If an item is missing information that is necessary for shopping or replenishment purposes, an “Items Unavailable for Shopping” link will display in Item Maintenance beneath the search bar. Selecting the link will display the list of items to be modified; each item’s name will be hyperlinked to navigate the user to the item’s details.

An item will be unavailable for shopping in the below scenarios:

  • The Current Unit Cost in Price/Cost Details is blank

  • The item does not have an associated supplier for replenishment in Source Details

  • The item does not have a Replenishment Unit Price for any supplier in Price/Cost Details

Reporting Categories for Contract Repository

Storeroom Item Maintenance - Items Unavailable for Shopping


Supplier Unique ID – Prefix / Starting Value settings

For customers who utilize Supplier Unique ID functionality, fields have been added to Edit Entity Settings to support the ability to prepopulate this value for new suppliers based on counter settings.

The Supplier Unique ID Prefix setting, if specified, will be appended to the Supplier Unique ID value. The Starting Supplier Unique ID, if specified, will be the first value used when a new supplier is added, and the next supplier added would use the next value in the sequence. For example, if the Supplier Unique ID prefix is set to ST and the Starting Supplier Unique ID is 1000, the next supplier added would have a Supplier Unique ID of ST1000 by default, followed by a default value of ST1001 for the next new supplier.

These settings are optional. If left blank, the field will not have a default value.

If Supplier Management is enabled, these fields will display in the Edit Entity Settings area of Supplier Management.

Please note these changes are not currently applicable to the Non-Catalog Supplier Import template. Changes to the template will be handled in an upcoming release.

Supplier Management Customizable Registration Form

Edit Entity Settings - Supplier Unique ID defaults


Contract Repository – Ability to delete a contract in Draft status

A delete icon will display when creating or editing a contract if it has not been submitted for approval. If a contract is deleted, it will no longer display in the Contract tab.

Supplier Management approval

Contract – Delete icon and confirmation


Payment Information – Banner/Colleague Ethos

Once a transaction with PO as the payment method has been submitted to the supplier, a Payment Status field will display in the Transaction Summary. Selecting the View link will open a new window where available invoice and payment details from the GL/ERP system will be displayed for the user’s reference.

This functionality is only available for customers utilizing Banner Ethos or Colleague Ethos and can be enabled by contacting Customer Support

Transaction Summary - Payment Status

Payment Status details


Supplier Management – Ability for supplier to edit profile details within form response

Previously, a supplier responding to a customer’s registration form had to click a link to access the Profile tab if attempting to update addresses, business classifications, commodities, or other company details. The supplier now can update the information directly from a customer registration, and these updates will be saved to the supplier’s network profile.

Supplier Response - Editable fields


Supplier Management – Advanced Search

An Advanced Search button has been added in the Supplier Management tab. When selected, the user can opt to search with the below criteria:

  • Address ID

  • Business Classification

  • Contact Email

  • Country

  • Province/Region

  • State

  • Status

  • Supplier ID

  • Supplier Unique ID (if enabled)

  • Supplier GL Code

Supplier Management - Advanced Search


Supplier Management – Reporting models

Several changes were made to the Entity Admin data models to support the ability to create reports for Supplier Management data:

  • New models added: Supplier Company Information, Supplier Management Supplier Commodities, and Supplier Management Approvals

  • Additional fields related to Address Types added to Suppliers model

  • The Supplier Classifications model will also reflect any classifications added in the Cross Reference Values screen


Supplier Management – Changes to user permissions

Previously, the Supplier Management tab privilege provided the ability to view as well as add or edit suppliers. The existing privilege has been modified to Supplier Management – View, which will provide view only access to supplier information. A new privilege, Supplier Management – Add/Edit, has been added to distinguish the ability to create or modify suppliers. The View privilege must be enabled for a user to select Add/Edit

Users who exist in ESM Purchase with the Admin privilege enabled will have the Supplier Management – Add/Edit privilege enabled by default.

Supplier Management - Add/Edit User


Supplier Management – Ability for supplier to choose customer-specified classifications

If classifications are added in Cross Reference Values, suppliers will have the ability to select one or more customer-defined values. The customer classifications will also display in the Business Classification section.

Supplier Response - Customer-Defined Classifications


All Transactions / “Checkout” – Advanced Search

The Shop - Item search in the All Transactions view has been replaced with the Transaction Number / PO Number search. In addition, an Advanced Search button has also been added. Selecting Advanced Search allows users to search their own transactions using the below criteria:

  • Date Range

    • This dropdown replaces the existing Showing option and will contain values for Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days and All.

  • Selection

  • Sort By

  • Supplier

  • Transaction Name

  • Transaction Type

    • Change Order and Purchase Agreement options will display as types if these features are enabled. The default is All, which will include standard transactions.

Clicking the Apply button will execute the search.

All Transactions - Advanced Search

The Advanced Search will be added to other tabs (Approve, Manage, Receive) in an upcoming release.


Report scheduling

In the reporting application, a report can be scheduled by selecting the report, then either selecting the Menu icon or using the right mouse button and selecting the Schedule Report option. A separate wizard menu will display to specify the time and frequency of report generation.

At this time, scheduled reports can only be delivered via email. In an upcoming release, additional functionality will be added to support report delivery via file transfer protocol (FTP).

Reporting - Schedule Report option

Reporting - Schedule Report Wizard


Source Enhancements


Source—New User Interface

The user interface has been modified in Manage – Invite and for Requirement Bid functionality (Manage – Requirements and Request) to be consistent with the experience in ESM Purchase. Fields have been organized into sections for improved readability and process efficiency.

Changes to the user interface for the Approve tab should be available in July.

We encourage Sourcing customers to contact Customer Support to enable the new interface in the training environment. Once familiar with the new interface, it can be enabled in the production environment based on a date and time that meets your organization’s needs.

Requirement Bid – List of events on Request tab


Manage Requirements


Manage - Invite


Please contact Customer Support if you would like additional information at support@esmsolutions.com or 877-969-7246 ext. 3

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