January 2021

Release Notes- January 2021

Training Release: December 19, 2020

Production Release: January 9, 2021


Purchase Enhancements


Purchase Agreement – Ability to limit Receiving type

Customers who utilize Purchase Agreement functionality will have options for receiving types within Edit Entity Settings. If Quantity is checked, Receive tab users can create quantity-based receipts for purchase agreements. If Value is checked, Receive tab users can create value-based receipts for purchase agreements. If both values are checked, Receive tab users can create either quantity or value receipts for purchase agreements. By default, both types will be enabled.

Purchase Agreement Entity Settings Receiving Configuration Options

Edit Entity Settings - Purchase Agreement Receiving


Contract Repository – Create Contract: Add New Supplier option in supplier search

In the Supplier Detail section, an Add New Supplier button will display if no search results are found when searching suppliers to create a contract. Selecting Add New Supplier will bring the user to the supplier creation screen. This functionality also requires the user to have the Create Non-Catalog Suppliers privilege enabled in Add/Edit Users.

Add New Supplier for Contract Repository Search

Contract Repository - Add New Supplier


Contract Repository— Reporting

Several data models have been added to reporting to support the creation of reports for contract repository data:

  • Contract Approvals

  • Contract Details

  • Contract Notification

  • Contract Supplier

In addition, the existing Workflows data models (Workflow Approval Sequence, Workflow Criteria and Workflows) have a new “Workflow Type” field, which will return a value of Contract for any Contract workflows.

Reporting Categories for Contract Repository

Reporting - Contract data models


Supplier Management

Supplier Management allows users to publish a customized registration form to onboard suppliers, as well as manage the associated supplier data. Submitted forms are routed through approval workflows, and approved suppliers will be available for purchasing. Customers who are integrated to Banner or Colleague through Ethos can synchronize suppliers from Supplier Management to the ERP system in real time. Other system integrations will be available in a future release.

When enabled, the Supplier Management maintenance screen will replace the existing Admin > General Settings > Add/Edit Supplier screen.

A new version of the Non-Catalog Supplier import template, version 1-9, has also been added to support new address-related data fields for Supplier Management. Versions 1-4, 1-5, and 1-8 will continue to be supported.

Please contact Customer Support if you would like more information about this feature.

Supplier Management Customizable Registration Form

Supplier Management - Customizable registration form

Supplier Management approval

Supplier Management - Approval process


Source Enhancements


Source—New User Interface

The user interface has been modified in Manage and Award to be consistent with the experience in ESM Purchase. Fields have been organized into sections for improved readability and process efficiency.

In the Award screen, the line item bid section display will list each item with the supplier responses beneath. Clicking on the line item will display the response details.

Changes to the user interface for Requirement Bid functionality should be available in early 2021.

We encourage Source customers to contact Customer Support to enable the new interface in the training environment. Once familiar with the new interface, it can be enabled in the production environment based on a date and time that meets your organization’s needs.

Source New UI – Manage – Event Header


Source New UI - Manage - Event Details


Source New UI - Award - Event Header


Source New UI - Award - Line Item Bid


Workflow – Ability to default event’s workflow

In the Add/Edit Template screen, an Award Workflow field has been added to the event header. This optional field allows an administrator to associate a template with a workflow so that an Award user does not have to search for a workflow if requesting approval for an event with the specified template.

The selected workflow will display in the Event Overview when the event is viewed in the Manage tab and can be modified based on a new user permission in Add/Edit User. If Edit Award Workflow is selected, the user will see an edit link and will have the ability to select a different workflow for the event prior to the Due By Date. If Edit Award Workflow is not selected, the user will not be able to change the event’s workflow.

Template header option for award workflows

Add/Edit Template - Award Workflow

User Permissions for Editing Award Workflows

Add/Edit User - Edit Award Workflow

Source Manage  Award Workflow indicator

Manage - Award Workflow


Please contact Customer Support if you would like additional information at support@esmsolutions.com or 877-969-7246 ext. 3

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