Supplier Login

On ESM's home page at the top right corner, suppliers can log into the portal by selecting Login>Supplier Login. ESM's homepage can be found at


Suppliers select the ESM Solutions text or blue padlock to get to the username/password entry.


The supplier will enter the email address used for registration as well as the password. Suppliers can select the ‘Forget your password’ link if necessary.


Resetting your Password

If suppliers cannot log into their accounts, they can reset their passwords at the log-in screen.

Select the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts. The User Name is the registered email address, which will be used for the notification when selecting Forgot Password. The supplier must know the answer to the security question to successfully reset the password. If the user does not know the answer to the security question or the account becomes locked, contact Customer Support.

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  • I will not be doing business with UofA.  This website is worthless

  • I am totally confused on trying to navigate through the web site. I am trying to find the bid documents for 

    Drummond Lyon Hall at the U of A. Can you help me? 

  • I agree with the above comments. This is the most useless and difficult website to navigate that we have ever seen.


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